Welcome To Life Spring Rejuvenation Center

Life Spring Rejuvenation Center (LSRC) is a culturally oriented holistic health center dedicated to providing our clients with education on health and wellness as well as information and healing methods that optimize our body’s intrinsic healing potential.

We provide a variety of ancient therapeutic modalities such as aromatherapy, colon detoxification, iridology, massage (one of the oldest forms of healing known to humanity), naturopathic health evaluations, nutrition and reflexology.

Life Spring Rejuvenation Center Services


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Aromatherapy at Life Spring Rejuvenation Center is one the cornerstone holistic treatment modalities we endeavor to bring to our clients. We use 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Colon Detoxification


In order for the body to function well it is important to maintain two very important functions. Good nutrition and good elimination. Colonic hydrotherapy is one of the most effective ways to cleanse the colon and the body of excess toxins and waste. We believe a healthy body begins with the good hygienic health of the colon as well as careful attention to proper and consistent good nutritional intake. In the same way, disease is the result of lack of attention towards the proper elimination of waste and toxins from the colon, which in turn affects the rest of the body’s normal functions and ability to sustain life. Our treatment program includes extensive education of the normal health of the colon and it’s relation to other parts of the body, and the use of colonic hydration or herbal supplements that will greatly support normal colon elimination.

Foot Detoxification


Life Spring Rejuvenation Center is privileged to give our community the best of both ancient and modern technology in the Phoenix Bath Foot Detoxification Unit. This system of treatment in based on the understanding of the body from an electromagnetic standpoint. Just as a battery uses positive and negative charges to function and transmit energy, so do all of the body systems from the brain, nerves, tissues, cells, and organs are maintained by variations of positive and negative ions or alkaline and acids balances. If the body is in too great an alkaline or acid state the system or organ will not function properly or become diseased. The Phoenix Bath is designed to balance the body’s ion levels to help maximize the efficiency of each organ to function optimally.